Tips to Become an Article Writer

One of the great attractions to this vocation is the freedom it allows you because you do not have to be stuck in some office from nine to five.

But how easy is it to become a successful writer? Actually it is much easier than you think if you know exactly what you have to do.

For starters it is important to realize that there are two different major markets to look at;

• Traditional print media
• Online writing

Traditional Media

Some folks think that print media is dead or on the verge of dying completely because of the World Wide Web. This is not true. What has happened is that print has evolved and continues to do so opening up exciting new opportunities for article writers who recognize that fact and also acknowledge that many publications are now much more specialized in the kind of articles they carry and are hungry for quality articles to keep them competitive.

For this reason you can easily become an article writer for print publications of your choice.

Online Writing

The demand for online writing has gone through the roof. More so after recent changes made by major search engines like Google designed at enhancing the user experience and ensuring that quality well written content is rewarded with more traffic. There are millions of websites out there and all of them need quality articles on a regular basis.

There are many who have built a career writing online for various websites and there is no reason why you cannot do the same if you are determined enough.

Training and preparation

There are many places where you can undergo training to prepare yourself for a career as an article writer. There are traditional colleges and training institutions that you can easily search for online and there are also online training opportunities that you can take advantage of. You will also need to subscribe to writer’s magazines so that you constantly keep sharpening and improving your skills as a writer.

Another option if you are an already talented writer is to regularly read up what you can find online as well as in writer’s magazines without having to go through any formal training and hone your skills on the job as you start to earn an income right away writing for various journals and websites.

Once you have identified what path you want to take in your training and have also decided whether you want to write for print publications or for the web, the next thing you need to do is to get started writing.

You will need to prepare query letters with your article ideas and send them to the people you want to write for. Another approach is to search for writing jobs online for both print and online mediums.

Online writing tends to pay much quicker than most print publication opportunities that will require you to do plenty of research and work for a long time on a single article. However the latter pays much more than the former. You need to take this into consideration when you launch your career as an article writer. One excellent option is to do both until you find your true niche in the market as a writer.

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